La Siesta - Events - Rent - Celebrations

La Siesta's magnificent gardens, spacious terraces and halls are available to you to be able to organize one of your best events.

Our principle hall, as well as being technically prepared, has a capacity for a vast number and great variety of events with a surface of 2000 m2 and 150 m2 stage which according to the distribution can accomodate:

  • In auditorium format, 1100 people
  • Round tables, 600 people
  • Imperial tables, 850 people
  • Open area, 1500 people

Renting Areas

You can enjoy all the services and installations for:

  • Concerts
  • Sport events: Prize awards
  • Dance and song festivals
  • Charity functions
  • Spectaculars
  • Catwalk for models and hairdressers


La Siesta is ideal for one of your most unforgetable days:

  • Celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Anniversaries, etc.

Groups, societies, clubs

Will find in La Siesta an ideal place to personalize your event and enjoy any type of social activity.

Business companies

LA SIESTA proposes different procedures for your company to host any type of event. The events are a good way to foster customers loyalty, discover new colaborators, create new links between employers, strengthen bonds between partners and give a good image to the company.

  • Business dinners
  • Coaching session
  • Networking events
  • New products presentation
  • Prize giving
  • Lunch/dinner to acknowledge and gratify your clients
  • Business meetings
  • Seminars
  • Franchise member meetings
  • Charity functions
  • Press conferences
  • VIP events

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