La Siesta - Flamenco Show - Costa Brava - Barcelona - Lloret de Mar

Our show "Flamenco Show" is divided into three parts:



La Siesta presents the new Flamenco Show "NOCHE ESPAÑOLA", success guaranteed in an evening that will give you unforgetable enjoyment.

Art, passion, emotion, seduction.... The vigor and experience of the choreographer and dancer Daniel Candelas and his Ballet Company, together with live music from the group "Con otro Aire" have created a sensual, firey mixture, vivid and full of character between the deep rooted rhythms of Flamenco the Spanish dance and the richness and splendour of modern styles.

Flamenco is an art that can be blended with different types of music and dance resulting in magical breathtaking shows, fresh and modern with the soul of Flamenco all around us in the atmosphere.

Spectacular dance production. A fantastic emotional performance, rhythms that through his choreography you will be transported to a fascinating universe in which the only language that exists is expressed through body language, movement and passion.

It is an explosión of movement, color and light. The rhythms are mixed with melodies from immortal composers, resulting in the blending together of the dance and the superb choreography together with varied and multi coloured costumes. A great light show, sometimes intimate and sensual, between sound and image, the old and the new. All the great things from Spain are brought together in this wonderful colourful spectacular "NOCHE ESPAÑOLA".



At the end of the Flamenco Show we offer you the opportunity to learn to dance one of the most enjoyable, frenetic flamenco dances: la RUMBA. Have fun and learn to dance. Our dancers will show you how to do it, it is very easy to follow their movements.

You will take home a memory which will last forever. This will be a wonderful experience that leads into the finale leaving a great impact on you.

All of this you can enjoy at La Siesta, Santa Susanna, nestled in beautiful surroundings unique to the area. La Siesta is a typical antique Catalan Farmhouse from the XVII century, categorized as an historical monument. It is situated on a small hillside with impressive views of the Mediterranean sea and the Barcelona coast. Since l960 La Siesta has been converted into a leisure venue and place of entertainment. It has become a landmark for the best touristic excursions and over the years has been declared as one of the best Night Clubs in Spain.


FANTASIA MUSICAL - Pre show/entertainment

Zarzuelas/Pasadobles/Coplas/Spanish Hits, mixing different styles from the past and present offered to you in our preshow full of beauty and energy.

On arrival to our NightClub, while being shown to your seats or having dinner or just a glass of "Sangria", you will be welcomed by our singer Cristina del Pozo who will transport you on a musical journey through time, a stroll through the most classical styles such as Zarzuelas, Coplas, Pasadobles, that transmit great feeling and the soul of Spanish culture.

You will take away with you a lasting memory of a wonderful experience with a finale that will leave you breathless.


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