Who we are - La Siesta

Since 1960, the state of La Siesta in Santa Susanna has become established into the most sought after Night Club and events establishment for its experience and traditional nature in the area. Nowadays, for the quality of our services and shows, La Siesta is considered one of the best establishments in Spain.


Within the infrastructure of La Siesta de Santa Susanna, stands out the remarkable antique farm house dated from the XVI century named MAs de Dalt together with a surveillance tower wich are registered a a cultural monument with the BArcelona city Council, inventory number Si:IPA 33050.


La Siesta de Santa Susanna is an state with an area of more than 11.000m2 situated on a small hillside which enables us to enjoy the magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea and Barcelona coast. Its unique position and incomparable surroundigs converts La Siesta into a one of a king in the area. It is not far from cities as Barcelona or Girona and near of touristic towns as Lloret de Mar, Tossa, Blanes or Calella.


The beautiful gardens and magnificent spacious terraces offer you a huge welcome to La Siesta where you can find a special place or corner worthy of having a photogragh taken to keep as a memory of one of the best moments of your visit to the Costa Brava or the Barcelons Coast.


All this beauty will take you to the great rustic style 1000 m2 hall which transmits a warm and quaint atmosphere together with a 150 m2 stage equipped with the most modern technology to carry out any performance or event.


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